Is Bigger Always Better?

Big cock


Hello my dear Minxes and welcome to another blog.

Today I will be talking about that rare and frightening of beasts: large dicks, or to use the latin phrase, Cockasaurus Rex

I have briefly touched upon penis size before in a previous blog, but I wanted to revisit this topic again today. I had an experience a few years ago, and it’s finally been long enough (no pun intended) for me to talk about it.

So whilst wandering through DatingLand, I happened across a very tall, skinny, hippyish kind of dude. He was very nice, very laid back, kind of veggie, musical, well-read and into philosophy, history and travel. Hmmm…not my usual physical type, but I fancied a change. He revealed after a few dates that for various reasons he wasn’t looking to settle down or have anything serious, and whilst disappointed, I spotted an opportunity.

I explained that whilst I was still interested in finding The One, he wasn’t on the scene and therefore I was in the market for a Fuck Buddy. Can I just point out that I thought at the time I had made this quite clear – sex and chat ONLY, no strings, open to see other people?

Right so we checked our diaries and one evening I came round for dinner and some fun. Turns out he was, using technical terminology, a Cockersaurus Rex.

Many ladies I know measure cocks in the same way you measure horses – in hands. You do this by holding one hands against the base and then placing their other hand directly on top. You measure by counting fingers. Is he one hand and a pinky, one hand and three, two hands? Of course each girl’s hands are different sizes, and I have reasonably small hands, so personally, I’m looking for around about the two hands. He was well over two hands tall, and so girthy I could barely get my hands to close. It was huge, absolutely massive. Considering vaginas are designed to deliver a small person, women are built to accommodate a considerable package, but this….this looked like a fleshy version of a Pringle tube or a really big coke can. I was genuinely convinced it wouldn’t fit.  He was subsequently christened The Pringle Tube/The Meat.


Some guys go for it and it hardly touches the sides. You have to sort of concentrate and squint a bit to tell what’s going on, and in most cases, you might as well pull out magazine for all the fun you’re having. Not in this case. 🙂 You could really feel it. It felt, for want of a better word, full.

There is very little accidental slippage with a bigger penis. Mainly because it’s quite tight. You generally can’t get it all in anyway, so he doesn’t pull out the whole way.  None of that pulling out then fumbling to get back in, pushing rope style.

If you’re looking for some deep hard core slow sex, a bigger cock is a really nice option. It performs really well without the need for ridiculous jack hammering, because you know it’s naturally going to go deep.


There is such a thing as too big – and not even a generous portion of lube would make this bad boy fit properly. I am quite short, and only have so much room inside

Certain positions are painful, and some are just impossible. It’s not just the size, it’s the force of the guy pushing against you. When you’re head down or braced against a wall on all fours, and you have 6″6 of man fucking you from behind, that is a lot of force slamming inside your vagina. At one point my usual doggy style face turned into my anal face – every thrust was just too much and I felt like I’d was being punched from the inside.

For me, anal is never ever an option with a massive cock. EVER. The Pringle Tube and I actually ‘broke up’ because of this issue. He wanted it. I didn’t. As we were casual I text and said (in what was meant to be a chilled / jolly tone) whilst I wasn’t keen I was more than happy for him to go off and find a lady who was (thinking to myself this would have to be a nine-foot tall Amazon with a vagina the size of the Grand Canyon.) He read my kindly meant offer as pure sarcasm and me being a witch. I got confused, he asked if I was seeing other people, I asked why he wasn’t, and basically passive aggressive hell broke loose. Whoops.

If another Cockersaurus Rex ever happens my way again, I will happily consider him as an option. For the record ladies and gents, whilst a lot of fun, bigger is not always better…but it’s a hell of a ride. 🙂





About littlewelshminx

I'm a Welsh girl in my 30s, living and working in south Wales. I like reading, writing, watching films (especially things that make me laugh) hanging out with friends, going to bars to drink and dance playing guitar (badly) listening to lots of different types of music (opera to dance to bluegrass to rock) going to the theatre, and I've recently started swimming. I have 3 degrees, and have had lots and lots of different jobs, including working as a barmaid, waitress, KP, shop assistant, admin assistant, events, sales, PR, marketing....writing suits me best. I will be writing about sex from as many angles as possible - from personal experience, through academia, history, geography, culture, myth, legend, fact and fiction. What is sexy? What turns us on? What do we really think and feel about sex? If you like what you read, please follow me, and pass it on :)
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