Songs to help with a breakup and moving on Part 1

Bridget singing all by myself

Hello my dear minx lovers, I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine over this summer.

As promised in my last blog, I have been working on putting together a list of songs that I think are great for getting through a break up. It’s been long enough since Brexit….it’s time!

I am splitting this list into two sections, the first being for the immediate aftermath and following weeks when you need time to let the dust settle, let reality crash in, and to actually feel all of the feelings and experience the fun of the post break-up emotional break-up train, calling at Denial,Shock, Grief, Despair-Under-Lyme, Bargaining-Upon-Thames and Angersville Central.



The Post Break Up music list is for when things are new, raw and really shitty. At this point you should be readjusting to the new circumstances, and taking time to figure out what to do next – very similar to the general population of the UK with the recent referendum vote.

This list is to try and stop you from doing something counterproductive, like putting on 2 stone whilst eating pizza and crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, or in the case of the UK, getting shitfaced and having a rebound fling with a really fucked up bad boy like North Korea, who said says they’re going to call but in actual fact they just leave you with an even worse exchange rate and a scorching case of sunburn/food poisoning and searing regret about getting involved with a trouble making bad boy that makes the breakup with Europe seem like a walk in the park.

Trust me. We don’t want to have a rebound fling with North Korea.

OK, ready for some awesome tune suggestions?

Post breakup list:

I’ll start with one of my favourite tunes – Wicked Game by Chris Issak. It’s ballsy, sexy, bluesy, and if you’re in need of tapping into some hurt to purge the demons this will do the trick. “What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way” – says it all.

Whiskey in the Jar – Metallica. One for the anger stage. Another of my favourite tunes, telling the story of a highwayman getting fucked over by his lady and Captain Farrell.

“But the devil take that woman,
Yeah, for you know she tricked me easy”

Don’t Leave – Faithless. A switch to dance track , which combines a tender poignant hook with lyrics that beautifully capture that simple moment when it’s over:

“You got me hurting,
Don’t leave”

Missing – Everything But the Girl (Todd Terry Club Mix). This talks about the post break up limbo where the hole that person has left in your life, no matter how long it’s been.

“And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain”

Sometimes the songs in questions will be something very personal to you.

With the most recent ex, when we finally had the goodbye chat and drink, we sat for hours in a quiet pub, alone together for a few hours for the first time in over 6 months. While we were talking and saying our goodbyes, When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge came on in the background, and now it’ll always remind me of saying goodbye to him.

There are many many others that I could have mentioned –

Nothing Compares 2 You – Sinead O’Connor, Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn, Somebody That I Used to Know by Goyte, the classic Don’t Speak by No Doubt, LeAnn Rimes How Do I Live, I Will Always Love You by Whitney or Dolly, Abba’s The Winner Takes It All.

Take your pick. The point is that music is a good way of tapping into the feelings and letting them out so you can move on…to part two.





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