Feeling Cocky: Does Size Matter?

Does size matter 2

Hello my dear minx lovers and welcome to another glorious Saturday, full of sunshine and hangovers and all the joys of spring.

I recently got into a Minx related chat with a few friends, and one of the questions they asked me was about the importance of size – specifically penis size, and what women really think about the whole thing.

It’s one of the oldest questions in the book. Does size matter? How big is too big, and more importantly, how small is too small?

In March 2015, the British Journal Urology International published a study entitled
Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men.

The study revealed that the average length of a flaccid penis was 9.16cm / 3.6 inches. The average length of an erect penis was 13.12 cm / 5.2 inches.

In terms of girth (because that’s important too!) the average flaccid circumference was 9.31 cm / 3.6 inches and the average erect circumference was 11.66 cm / 4.6 inches.

This survey involved 17 studies including results from 15,521 men aged from 17 – 91 in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

The study was used to produce a chart showing the average size with a percentile range, and in reality, only 2.28% of the male population have an abnormally small penis, said the study – and the same percentage an unusually large one.

So that’s the quantitative data and numbers side sorted. What about the qualitative (the talking / feelings / what do girls REALLY think) side.

First of all boys, I think you need to understand one thing. Girls (and boys) want something that hits the spot and girls (and boys) talk. When you’re with someone new, at some point or another, it’ll come up in conversation with your best mate, either subtly or in a Human Traffic style:

“How big is his dicK?”
“Oh my god I’m not telling you that. THIS BIG!”


We’re not sitting there with measuring tapes and the dick equivalent of a height chart.

It’s a way of bonding and teasing, as well as partly checking he or she is happy with their new partner. Not being happy or compatible in the bedroom is one of THE major passion killers, and as hot as they are and as nice a person as they may be, if he doesn’t fit nicely… either too big OR too small…you’ve got a potential problem on your hands.

The average vagina size is about 8cm / 3 inches long, and they are elastic and stretchy so they can accommodate things going in (e.g penises) or on occasion, out (e.g. babies). SOME girls may be slightly bigger or smaller, but on average, we’re talking a smallish space, and NOTHING along the lines of caverns, buckets, or any of the other charming massive hole related jokes that get thrown our way.

In my years of Minxy experience, I have….sampled….a range of different offerings, and when comparing notes with my girlfriends, between us we’ve seen it ALL. Average cocks, small cocks, tiny cocks, large cocks, MASSIVE cocks, average girth, pencil dicks, and stumpy ones that are so thick they don’t so much touch the sides as require planning permission to expand next door. (Bit like fucking a can of Coke.)

Does size matter

The biggest and thickest were not necessarily the best. Sometimes I get a bit minxy and like it hard and fast and a bit rough. With something massive, it can be uncomfortable….painful even.

With one dude, we even struggled to put and keep the condom on , he was packing that much heat. I know there are larger condom options available, but we didn’t have any to hand, and worrying about getting pregnant with a giant baby kind of spoiled the mood.

Another guy with a HUGE cock just didn’t know what to do with it bless him…he was a meek timid thing, completely oblivious to the fact he could have easily had a major career as a porn star. (I have NEVER been so disappointed in my entire life.)

Smaller offerings haven’t quite done the trick, but the gentlemen have more than made up for it in other areas, and were amazing at foreplay, seduction and perfectly capable of keeping me happy.

Some people just fit better together – and the annoying thing is that you won’t know till you try. Realistically, you’re looking for someone in the Goldilocks range…not too big, not too small, fits JUST right.

But here’s the god’s honest truth. Does size really matter?

No. It’s NOT just about the size of your dick! It’s not even just about what you do with it. While a well fitting cock is an amazing thing to play with, we want you just as much for all the rest…making us laugh, eyes, arms, legs, arse, personality.

Try to keep in mind, that we’re looking at the whole package (no pun intended).



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One Response to Feeling Cocky: Does Size Matter?

  1. BAP Blog says:

    It’s true. Now I know what the fox and the minx say.
    People shouldn’t worry because there are people of all shapes and sizes, penises and vaginas! But in the male mind, there’s a fixation on emphasizing sexual dimorphism. (sex politics and race @ my corner of the net… bigasianpackage.wordpress.com

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