Poldark: A Minxy View


Evening Minxes!

Tonight having just watched Poldark, then watched Twitter nearly exploded with the Q&A session #AskPoldark, I consider it my Minxish duty to explore this sexy white shirt wearing (EEEEP!) phenomenon.

So why does Poldark kick so much ass and why is he such a beefcake.

For starters, you know I love ’em dark and handsome, and Aidan Turner fits the bill in SO many ways. Even his HAIR in Poldark has its own twitter account. @PoldarksHair.

Secondly, he’s a complete beefcake – fuzz and muscles and all. Even as a younger minx when TakeThat and East17 were all the range, I was never into baby-peach-faced cute looking young lads. All this plucking, waxing, gelling nonsense can do one. I like men that shave and have proper chest hair and LOOK like men.

The TV show Men Behaving Badly, was in part a backlash against the beginnings of overly PC / overly sensitive culture, with men being (slightly exaggerated) men. Poldark is in the same vein. He’s a little bit moody and broody and is unapologetic for it. He makes mistakes, gets hurt, gets angry, but is generally just doing his best. He’s not perfect, but he’s not a game playing weasel, or worse, a snivelly wimp wet loser who can’t make his mind up or is too scared / much of a pussy to try.

Where most blokes of his time would have been screwing the maid and anything else within 5 miles in a skirt, he actually risked everything and married Demelza (after sleeping with her of course).

This leads onto the biggest turn on of all. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about social conventions and is willing to risk it all to be happy and to do right by his workers, even at the risk of being a social outcast and potentially ruining his estate.

Being courageous, being ballsy….that’s one of the sexiest qualities in a man.

Prince Charming can do one. This Minx is holding out for an anti-hero like Poldark.

Poldark 2



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